Remodeling/Design Plan (Bathroom)

Experience a bathroom design like no other, where every detail is carefully considered, and the result is a space that exceeds your expectations. With our tailored approach, exceptional customer service, and unwavering attention to detail, your bathroom interior will become a true reflection of your style. Trust us to guide you through a transformative journey, where your dream bathroom becomes a reality!

***This package is for you if you are planning to remodel your existing bathroom, or planning a design for a brand-new bathroom that is yet to be built.

What to expect:

  • We will start with a phone call to gather all needed information.

  • We will then schedule a walk-through to verify existing conditions and to decipher your personal style.

  • After all information has been gathered, we will start work on your first set of designs. We will plan to present two design options with slightly different aesthetics (but both in your preferred style).

  • We will gather all samples and material specifications for all needed fixtures and finishes, and invite you to our studio to review them.

  • Following your feedback, we will select your favorite design option and will include two revisions (if needed).

  • After all choices have been finalized, we will provide you with all specifications, a complete shopping list and a detailed remodeling guide which then can be taken to your contractor of choice. If you do not have a trade team you are comfortable working with, we can have our construction crew take over the project after the design phase is completed.