Remote Design Plan

Complete and comprehensive Interior Design Plan. Let us plan the design of your space remotely, equip you with all exclusive project details and empower you to implement them at your own time and pace.

* Pricing is per room or functional area

* Smaller spaces will be quoted individually

* can't be a bathroom or kitchen

This Design Service is for you if:

  • you are looking for a complete and detailed design that is tailored to your needs and preferred aesthetics, but you would like to implement it at your own time and pace.

  • you are looking for good quality furnishings, but you see no need for custom-made furniture and solutions.

  • you are mostly seeking design help with selecting furniture and accents, but your space will not require construction or much contractor's work.

  • you are willing to employ and schedule your own trades (painters, electricians, carpenters, etc.) for minor modifications if needed.

  • you are looking to design one, or a few spaces within your home, but you are not willing to commit to the Full-Service Design experience that entails in-person presentations, meetings, and hands-on participation in the process.

  • you would like to have your space carefully designed within 2-3 weeks' time and you will be able to stay in touch for the duration of the project and provide feedback in a timely manner.

  • you are comfortable with communicating exclusively via email and our design portal.

Here is what is included in your package:

  • complimentary access to our online design portal

  • your space designed entirely online in 2-3 weeks resulting in:

  • Detailed floor plans/layouts

  • Space visualization featuring a digital 2D projection of custom design concept (with up to two revisions)

  • Art, accessories, lighting, and furnishings sourcing information for purchase (clickable shopping list on the design portal with internet links, or opt for a purchasing option)

  • Detailed instructions on how to stage final design and complete all finishing touches

What to expect:

  • We will first start with gathering details of your project.

We will ask you to send us photos, measurements, inspiration images. We will also need to receive guidance on the function of the space. We will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire that will relate to the space we will be transforming for you. If you are a local Client, we can also arrange an In-Home Consult to collect all needed information in person.

  • We will then start working on your furniture Space Drawings.

We will present drawings showcasing best variations to lay out your space and, with your guidance, we will choose the most appropriate option.

  • Next, we will work on your Design Concepts.

We will plan to present two options - slightly different, but both in your preferred aesthetic. Our Design Concepts will be presented to you via 2D realistic visualizations of your space. They will feature real pieces of furniture and decor/accessories that you will be able to purchase independently, at your own time and pace. You will have access to your own interactive shopping list throughout the process.

  • At this time we will ask you to choose your favorite design.

Following your feedback, we will provide 2 revisions of the chosen design (if needed).

  • When your design is finalized and all furnishings have been selected, we will start working on your Final Project Deliverables.

It will include dimensioned drawings with guides on how to position furnishings and wall decor in your space. We will finalize your shopping list, for you to have access to each and every item featured in your final Design. We will include a "how-to" list with tips and guidance on how to implement the design and achieve a magazine-worthy interior right in your home!