Full Service Interior Design

Complete and comprehensive Interior Design from beginning to completion! Let us take over your project while you sit back to enjoy the process and experience the magic happening right in front of your eyes!

* Pricing is per room or functional area

* Smaller spaces will be quoted individually

* can't be a bathroom or kitchen

* Custom pricing available on three and more spaces

This package is for you if:

- you would like us to manage, coordinate and overlook the process and design implementation, procure and install your new furnishings and decor

- your project will involve one, or all of the following: painting, electrical, moving/adding walls, carpentry work

- you would like to explore custom-made furnishing options and solutions for your space

- you see the end result of our collaboration in a functional and unique space design that has been tailored to your specific needs and style of life

- you would like your space to consist of quality furniture pieces and decor that will speak of your personal style, but that will also look tasteful, lived-in, and effortless in the setting of your home

- you have seen Nadia Gordon Designs work and would like similar aesthetics and attention to detail in your home

What to expect:

  • We will start with a phone call to gather all the needed information.

  • We will then schedule a walk-through to verify existing conditions and to decipher your personal style.

  • Then a proposal will be presented to you with a detailed outline of services to be provided, the design agreement will be prepared for signing as well. 50% of the design fee will have to be paid.

  • After this, we will start working on your space drawings to feature variations of furniture layouts. We will consider all possible options to make sure we create furniture placement and lighting plan that answers your functional needs for the space, and presents you with layout choices that will be convenient and appropriate. We will also plan to prepare a digital concept board to obtain feedback on general style direction and color scheme. We will review these via a zoom/video call - this will be our Design Kick-off meeting.

  • Next, we will start working on your design concepts. We will plan to present two options: slightly different, but both in your preferred style. Your design concepts will be presented at our 1st design meeting in a format of 2D renderings and will feature real (not conceptual) pieces of furniture, lighting, art, and accessories.

  • Following your feedback, we will select your favorite design option, and see if there is a need for any modifications (2 revisions will be included with this service). We will then start gathering all finish samples for your approval.

  • Our second design meeting will finalize design concepts, colors, finish/texture selections. We will also develop, discuss and finalize a purchasing plan.

  • At our 3rd meeting, we will finalize purchase orders, obtain payments for orders, review the trades work schedule, and discuss when the onsite preparations/work can begin.

  • While your products are being ordered and stored until installation, the invoice for storage charges will be sent (monthly flat fee charge). We will track shipments and provide you with weekly updates. Inspections of the products will take place after each product is received. If there is a problem with a product, we will handle replacements and returns.

  • As soon as the on-site work is completed and all products are received, we will arrange for them to be delivered from the warehouse to the project site and will have them installed. The remainder of design fees will be paid at this time.

  • Once everything has been placed and installed beautifully, the grand reveal is here! We hope you will enjoy your newly transformed space for years to come.